Studio Proper iPad Connect Arm

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iPad Connect Arm

A versatile, adjustable arm, designed to securely mount and display an iPad or other tablet device in a restaurant kitchen, or back-of-house environment.

Versatile rotation functionality is built to withstand even the busiest back-of-house use, and a full range of swift angle adjustment allows for continual use throughout the workday. The iPad Connect Arm mounts securely to any of our protective iPad Connect Cases, or the Universal Connect Adapter for non Apple tablets, and is built with robust anodised aluminium for complete peace-of-mind.


  • Mount your device to the arm with a simple twist + click.
  • Slim profile can be adjusted to manoeuvre into any space.
  • Fully adjustable on every axis to set your screen at the perfect angle.
  • Display your device in either portrait or landscape orientation with ease.
  • Keeping your iPad locked securely in place, and keeping you stress-free.
  • Adjust the height and tilt with a versatile range of motion.
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