Epson TM-T82II-i Intelligent Printer PSU BLK

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The Epson T82 Intelligent Cloud Printer is the ideal solution for use on Windows, Mac, Albert or Mixed Environments

Functionality Requirements for using the T82 Intelligent Printer:

  • This printer is not wireless
  • It runs on your local network, so an internet isn’t required
  • This printer is necessary for use with PC, Mac, Albert or Mixed Environments
  • Can be used as a lead printer for Non-Intelligent Ethernet printers (i.e Epson Ethernet T82, T20, T88IV, T88V, and U220 can be used as secondary printers)

Features & Benefits of the T82 Intelligent Printer:

  • Excellent stability
  • Easy to setup
  • Allows you to print from Android, Mac, iPad or Windows without driver installation
  • Supports other standard ethernet Epson printers including the T88, T20, T70 U220 and the T82
  • Fastest printer in the Epson range
  • Any device running Kounta can print using the Epson Intelligent Cloud Printer - even from within the Kounta iPad App.

Dimensions & Weight:

  • 146mm (5.74")H
  • 140mm (5.51")W
  • 199mm (7.83")D
  • Approx 1.7kg (3.74lbs)
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