Epson TM-M30II Bluetooth PSU BLK

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The Epson TM-M30II is the ideal solution for tablet POS environments connecting via Ethernet or Bluetooth to your Kounta iPad App.

To note: iOS ONLY for Bluetooth connection via the Kounta App Printing.
Disclaimer: Due to the power wattage that some iPads require, iPads plugged into the USB port may not charge while in use.

Works well for general purpose printing with Kounta (without a fixed network) or stand-alone register and receipt printer setups that can’t access the internet with an ethernet cable.

Functionality Requirements for using the TM-M30:

  • If you are using Ethernet, a Network (Internet) is required
  • Compatible with iOS Bluetooth Printing in a 1-to-1 connection only 

Key Benefits & Features of the TM-M30:

  • Sleek, compact and stylish design
  • Flexible placement – place horizontally or vertically
  • Print speed of up to 200mm/sec
  • Paper width max 80mm
  • High-quality receipt printouts
  • Can be used for Food Trucks and Pop Ups

Dimensions & Weight:

  • 127mm (5")H
  • 127mm (5")W
  • 127mm (5")D
  • Approx 1.3kg (2.6lbs)
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