Aerohive AP122 Wifi Access Point w/ POE Injector

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Nearly every router supplied by internet service providers will have Wifi, but not all are created equal...

The Aerohive AP122 Access Point w/ POE Injector works with your existing network and help to solve 3 possible issues:

1) Your router is buried away in the back office and your Wifi is not strong enough where you need it most.

2) Your router is in a pretty good spot, but you have a larger venue and struggle to get a good signal as you roam around.

3) You have lots and lots of devices and need Wifi that can serve them all while providing maximum horsepower

Aerohive AP122 Features:

Low profile design blends well into a hospitality environment
Rated for indoor use
Remote deployment and change management capabilities
Can be meshed with multiple AP122's to expand coverage even further
2x radios (2x2:2 802.11a/b/g/n/ac)
1x 10/100/1000 ethernet port
Tamper-proof security screw (with bracket option)
Encryption: AES/CCMP, TKIP, and RC4 (WEP only)
IoT readiness with USB port and BLE antennea
By combining the latest in 2x2, 2-stream 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi technology and advanced security and mobility management together into an economical package it allows you to deploy 802.11ac into every part of your venue, improving coverage and performance.

Bundle Includes:

1x Aerohive AP122 Wifi Access point
1x Edimax GP-101IT POE injector (Required to power and connect the AP122 without having to upgrade your ISP issued router)
1 x 5m Ethernet Cable
1 x 2m Ethernet Cable
Initial remote pre-configuration by Kounta (SSID, Security & Best practice settings)

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